Program Rules


Enrich Club is a customer loyalty program operated by AW Rostamani. Everyone can join the program and as a member, you will earn points when joining, completing activities and making qualifying purchases online as well as offline at our partner brands in UAE. You just need to provide your mobile number to avail the exciting deals and rewards offered by Enrich Club. These terms and conditions relate to the membership, earning and redeeming of points under the program from its launch.

1. By signing up at from any channel, you automatically provide acceptance of the program along with its rules, terms and conditions.

2. reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any or all of the memberships, refuse to award points; withdraw points; refuse the right to redeem points collected for any breach of these conditions or failure to pay for the purchases without prior notice.

3. By using your account in any of the participating outlets, brands and online store for the purpose of earning points, you agree to abide by the program rules, terms and conditions.

4. Your membership can be revoked or refused if you are involved in any act of fraud, cheating with or without cause and without notice. The membership can also be revoked if you are found to be involved in any sort of misuse of the points.

5. AW Rostamani reserves the right to modify or close the, or to change, cancel or withdraw any of the terms and conditions, without assigning any reason whatsoever at any point of time at its own discretion. It reserves the right to discontinue program membership – existing or new – temporarily or permanently for a period of time, as decided by the management.

6. Benefits and offers made to you through the may change or be withdrawn without prior intimation. AW Rostamani will not be responsible for any liability arising from such situations.

7. AW Rostamani has the right to modify the manner in which points are earned and redeemed, including the number of points earned and the value of these points, and will endeavor to notify you of any changes in advance.

8. You are responsible for updating the account of any change in your address or contact details.

9. AW Rostamani has the right to contact members for the purpose of providing membership information, account statements and redemption details even if you have opted out of receiving communications. This excludes communications pertaining to promotions and offers, which will not be sent to you if you have opted out of such communications as a member.

10. AW Rostamani will not be liable for any unlawful or misuse of an member account and it is your responsibility to ensure that your login details are kept in a safe and secure location at all times.

11. As a member you are responsible for any loss, damage or theft of your account details including passwords, vouchers and other confidential details related to your membership. You must report any loss, damage or theft immediately to the team by calling on toll free number 800 Enrich or by filling ‘Contact Us’ form on the website.

12. Any loss or misuse of your account shall be your sole responsibility and AW Rostamani will not be held responsible. The loss should be advised immediately to avoid any unrecoverable circumstances or fraudulent use.

13. By Joining the, you consent to AW Rostamani retaining the information provided about you, including details of any purchases made and the of this information to offer you product, services and deals that are likely to be of interest and for AW Rostamani market research purposes.

14. If you indicate that you would like AW Rostamani to pass any contact details to any carefully selected 3rd party partners of the Program for the purposes of offering you more products and services relevant to you, AW Rostamani may from time to time do this.

15. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of United Arab Emirates and any dispute may be referred to the courts of Dubai.

16. The terms and conditions as published on from time to time shall be final and binding and supersede the terms and conditions herein and other as provided in relation to the program.


1. The membership accounts shall always remain the property of AW Rostamani and you will only be the custodian of your account.

2. Everyone is entitled for the membership of the The membership to the program is free and you are rewarded with free welcome points on completion of your profile on

3. Membership of is non-transferable and can only be used by you as the authorized member. You may cancel your membership at any time by giving AW Rostamani a written notice.

4. You’ll receive confirmation SMS and Email after signup to validate your contact details entered in the loyalty program.