Meet the First Enrich Club Millionaire

Arabian Automobiles Renault Announces Winner of ‘Enrich Millionaire’ Competition

Enrich Club Millionaire Rohit Dwivedi

Arabian Automobiles Company has revealed Rohit Dwivedi as the lucky winner of the Renault Enrich Millionaire competition starting from Jan 2018. This unique campaign for current and new Renault owners aimed to bolster and sustain Renault’s customer loyalty.
Rohit, a 32-year-old Indian national who works as a Regional Safety Manager for the MENA region at the Energy Services Department of the NALCO Champion and Ecolab staying in Dubai for the past 3 years wanted to own set of wheels. His choice of vehicle being an SUV needed to have safety as first priority, and when conducted research the Renault Koleos 4×4 came out as a clear winner. He was surprised and delighted to learn that it went beyond satisfying his requirements not only was it a safe car, it was also a beautiful and smooth ride.