Enrich Club Exclusive: Interview with CEO of Arabian Automobiles Mr. Michel Ayat

Michel Ayat CEO

Q. Can you tell us more about the Enrich Loyalty Program & what factors inspired you to create such a platform?

CEO: At AW Rostamani, we continuously strive to enrich the lives of our customers by providing world class products & services that offer a differentiated value proposition. Our commitment to enrich our customers’ lives is the fundamental principle that has led to the introduction of the Enrich Loyalty Program – a unique initiative that provides our customers with an opportunity to earn, manage & redeem loyalty points while truly enjoying a superior experience.

The Enrich Loyalty Program will enable us to have a better understanding of our customer’s purchasing behavior and buying preferences which will in turn help us in addressing their needs more accurately while at the same time building a long lasting relationship through continuous engagement.

Q. How does a customer benefit from enrolling into the Enrich Loyalty Program?

CEO: The Enrich Loyalty Program provides a flexible platform that enhances customers’ experience of earning, managing & redeeming loyalty points. Customers are rewarded for every transaction at AWR – be it buying a vehicle, servicing a vehicle, buying accessories or merchandise, renting a car or even purchasing clothing or jewelry from any of AWR’s Lifestyle stores.

The platform provides our customers the freedom, accessibility and ease of interaction with us to avail of our products and services. The Enrich Loyalty Program also provides an added benefit to utilize all points that have been accumulated for an entire family thus providing greater leverage at the time of redemption. Customers can redeem their points across various AWR businesses or simply purchase their favorite merchandise and get it delivered to their doorstep.

Q. What makes the Enrich Loyalty Program unique from other loyalty programs in the automotive sector in UAE?

CEO: The Enrich Program is unique as it enhances a customers’ overall experience of buying and owning a car in UAE. This platform provides the flexibility for you to set reminders on vehicle registration renewals & insurance, provides you the convenience to set up service appointment reminders and also provides you with useful add-ons and accessories that can be customized for your specific vehicles.
We are committed to enhance the value proposition for our customers and continuously endeavor to innovate for addressing their dynamically changing needs. The Enrich Loyalty Program provides us with a delightful opportunity to deliver the AWR brand promise to our customers by providing an exciting experience, delivering impeccable service and guaranteeing value for money which is fundamental in establishing a long-term enriching relationship with all our customers.

I extend a very warm welcome to all our customers for being a part of the ‘Enrich’ed Life!

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