Shift Car Rental is awarded with the Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport

Michel Ayat, CEO Automotive AW Rostamani Group (L) and Ashish Nanda, Senior General Manager, Shift Car Rental (R) accepting an award from HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum for Mobility Management on behalf of AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental at the 2017 Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport.

Shift Car Rental’s business arm was awarded at the Dubai Awards for Sustainable Transport for the digital management of their leasing and delivery system through mobile application services. The digital device based delivery system called Shift Leasing Delivery Management System (SLDMS) offers their customers a paperless experience, one of their various initiatives to Go Green.

AW Rostamani digitized their shift leasing management system using tablets, abandoning the age of paper based and manual systems. The advanced method involves a delivery management system whereby Shift Car Rental drivers can log in to the application on a tablet that they bring with them to the customers. Once logged-in the drivers can view the jobs and activities available for them to start their day. Through this, drivers receive and deliver vehicles from customers accordingly, a unique service that Shift Car Rental offers.

“The technology that we developed for Shift Car Rental not only eliminates the amount of paper wasted in efforts of reducing our carbon footprint, but it is also a more efficient way of organizing our fleet of 6,000 cars and most importantly, our customers for whom we try to facilitate the process as much as possible,” said Ashish Nanda, Senior General Manager at Shift Car Rental.

He added, “Providing the best customer experience and ensuring that our customers stay satisfied is aligned with the AW Rostamani legacy and with the UAE’s vision for happiness. This is what makes this service so special as it was created in the UAE, for the people that call it home.”

What makes this service unique is that customer feedback can be recorded on the app on the spot when the driver arrives at the location to receive the car. The tablets are also equipped to capture signatures as confirmation of delivery receipt. The users can even inspect the car using the tablet and having a note of it through the tablet.

Aside from these benefits, AW Rostamani Shift Car Rental is still looking to advance the service. They are looking into including a voice recording function to better understand any customer complaints, using Gantt charts to depict work allocation and schedule of the drivers in the app for better monitoring and lastly, images and previous transaction details of the vehicle will be available to the next user.

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